Accelerating the evolution of veterinary care

When pets deserve the best care

As a society, we go to extraordinary lengths to preserve the health of our pets. Whether it’s to reduce chronic pain, correct defects or heal injuries, we've decided that our pets deserve nothing less than the best available therapies.

Evidence is everything

But as with all great ethical and technological advances, everything comes down to the evidence. Is this the best treatment? Is it clinically documented? What does recovery look like? And how long will it take? 

Where science, medicine and market needs come together

Cavix was founded precisely to answer these questions. To bring together the necessary scientific, clinical and commercial expertise to transform the latest biomedical innovations into well-documented veterinary therapies.

Accelerating clinical advances

Based at Green Innovation Park, an innovation hub at the Swedish University for Agricultural and Veterinary Science in Uppsala, our founding team is grounded in advanced research into regenerative technologies for bone defects. Together with world-renowned veterinary surgeons, senior management and founding investors with a proven track record of global commercial development, we’re accelerating the evolution of veterinary care.

Key founders and Investors


Odd Viking Höglund

Founder, Associate Professor in Veterinary Science at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Board member

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Anders Lundqvist

Founder, Chairman of the Board

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Franck Forterre

Founder, Professor of Veterinary Medicine at Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern

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Ulf Rosén

Founding Investor, Board Member

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Anders Håkansson

Founding Investor, Board Member

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Olof Hallrup

Founding Investor

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“We’re all extremely excited about the potential of Cavix to be a transformative force in veterinary care. It’s a perfect fit for us, and not only as investors. As successful founders and business developers from the life-science industry, we’re thrilled to take an active part in establishing Cavix as a key player in the veterinary market.”

Anders Håkansson, founding investor

Operational Management


Rick Thomas

Chief Executive Officer, Board Member

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Lena Melltorn

Chief Operating Officer

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