For predictable bone regeneration

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Xcyte is designed to overcome the limitations of autografts and allografts.

With no secondary surgical site, less surgery time and reduced risk of infection. Its unique chemistry and nanocrystalline structure are proven, in a growing body of clinical evidence, to engage osteoimmunology pathways and stimulate predictable bone healing.

The unmet need - bringing down the barriers to predictable bone fusion

Conventional bone grafts and bone graft substitutes are associated with well-known risks as well as frequent failures and unpredictable healing. For pets, owners and surgeons, the need for a synthetic alternative is clear. Read more



Synthetic bone graft

Harnessing the innate power of osteoimmunology

Xcyte is a ready-to-use nanosynthetic bone graft substitute that provides a safe and effective alternative to autograftharvest. Whether the patient’s pain is due to degeneration, trauma or instability, it is designed to reliably regenerate bone while reducing surgical time and anaesthetic risk. Read more

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The catalyst for natural bone healing

Similar to native bone, the chemistry and structure of Xcyte play an important role in catalyzing bone formation. Read more

Regenerative bio-apatite chemistry

  • Hydroxyapatite: 80-95 wt%
  • α-tricalcium phosphate: < 10 wt%
  • calcium pyrophosphate: 0.1-10 wt%

Nanocrystalline structure

  • Nanoscale structure easily recognized by bone cells
  • Instructive nanocrystalline architecture activates pro-healing M2 macrophages
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Ready-to-use putty for controlled handling

Available as a moldable, cohesive and versatile bone graft putty, Xcyte enables easily controlled handling, application and placement, thereby simplifying clinical workflows and ensuring minimal surgical time and costs.

Clinical cases with Xcyte Nanosynthetic Bone Graft

Performed at Vetsuisse Berne by Prof. Franck Forterre

vertebral fracture_480x270

Vertebral fracture

A dog with a vertebral fracture suffered monoplegia, monopareses and severe pain. 7 months after treatment with Xcyte, the fracture site was completely healed and the dog was able to walk normally. more

carpal instability_480x270

Carpal instability

A mix-breed dog suffered severe lameness in the right front limb due to carpal instability caused by trauma. 7 weeks after treatment with Xcyte, the dog showed no lameness. more

The promise of Xcyte is its potential to ensure complete, predictable bone healing. It’s exciting to see a growing number of cases with initial control CT scans showing confirmation of this promise.
- Prof. Franck Forterre

Reactivating pets. Regenerating bone.

Safe, rapid and reliable bone formation can have a significant impact on the quality of life of our companion animals. Simplifying surgery. Eliminating unnecessary pain. And accelerating recovery. At Cavix, we’re leveraging our deep clinical and biomaterial expertise to give companion animals back the active lives they deserve. Based on our first proprietary technology, Xcyte is designed by veterinary surgeons, for veterinary surgeons, to ensure the best possible level of care.


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