– 3-phase calcium phosphate chemistry stimulates positive inflammatory response
– Instructive nanocrystalline structure activates pro-healing M2 macrophages
– A natural bone healing cascade is initiated, via cell-mediated scaffold resorption
– Rapid, effective and predictable bone healing

The material’s patented 3-phase calcium phosphate chemistry and nanocrystalline structure are designed to promote rapid and reliable bone formation by harnessing the body’s natural healing properties. The unique nanostructure and chemistry stimulate a positive inflammatory response, characterized by the involvement and dominance of pro-healing M2 macrophages. Once activated, these M2 macrophages initiate a natural bone healing cascade in which cell-mediated scaffold resorption leads to rapid, effective repair of bone tissue. This is in contrast to a response dominated by M1 macrophages which results in extensive fibrous, scar tissue formation and non-union.

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