Driving the change together

Are you looking to bring your latest clinical advances to market? Aiming to expand your global footprint? Or document the clinical value of a new therapy with a world-leading network of veterinary surgeons and reference centers? At Cavix, we’re actively seeking commercial licensing and partnership opportunities to support the global veterinary community with the best available treatments.

Accelerate clinical advances

At Cavix, we take pride in serving as a conduit from advanced research to clinical practice. As a Cavix partner, you’ll benefit from a highly experienced team of material science researchers, business developers and veterinarians with extensive knowledge of the latest best practices, clinical demands and a track record of successful commercialization of new technologies. Together, we can help drive the evolution of veterinary care.

Document clinical value

A new treatment is nothing without proper evidence. To ensure better, more predictable outcomes, Cavix applies rigorous clinical standards to every therapy we bring to market. If your clinic interested in participating as a reference center, let us know. Together, we can bring the high standards of human health sciences to the world of veterinary clinical trials.

Open new commercial pathways

As the number of companion pets continues to surge worldwide, the need for better care knows no limits. From Europe, to the US, to Asia and elsewhere, the Cavix founding team brings a long track record of successful commercial development in the pharmaceutical and medtech sectors. If you’re looking to expand your market presence, or are interested in in exploring new commercial pathways, let us know. At Cavix, we are actively scouting for new products and technologies to broaden our range of innovative technologies to support veterinarians in providing the best possible care for our companion pets.

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